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Meet the Owners


Allen Glenn and Linda Sorensen


Anjali Glenn


Elena Glenn


We look forward to welcoming you to St. John and our homes, whether it's your first or 20th time!

In 1990, after exploring the Caribbean and Bahamas for 15 years by sailboat, we settled on the small island of St. John to raise a family.  We had captained charter boats for years and enjoyed sharing the wonders of the ocean world, as we taught guests sailing, snorkeling and SCUBA diving. 


We searched for a home on St John that would keep us close to the sea. When we found Pebble Cove it fit the bill perfectly. We first saw the stone house for sale when we drove to East End. It looked like a small property from the road, but when we walked in through the grand arched front doors opening to the large foyer and great room, we were blown away with the feel of the house and the panorama of ocean views and mountains. Never in our wildest dreams had we imagined owning such a piece of paradise, right on the water, but we knew immediately that we must work out a way to buy it. And we did! We later got married under that same archway.


In 1996, we purchased Cloud Nine, because of its location on Gifft Hill, which is pleasantly cool for the tropics and so convenient to town and beaches. We loved the private courtyard layout and the dramatic view of the sea and islands.  


Since then, we have owned and managed both Pebble Cove and Cloud Nine while raising our two daughters, Anjali and Elena. 


Each home and location offers a unique but very different experience of island life, and we have been privileged to enjoy both with family and friends. 


Allen, Linda, Anjali, and Elena

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